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RegenVET by APEX Biologix provides superior regenerative medicine products that produce optimal results. Under the guidance of our medical team, we have selected a portfolio of the best products in the industry to be included in our catalog. Not all regenerative medicine kits and products are the same. To obtain the best results, one must use the highest-quality products on the market.

XCELL PRP Concentrating Kits


Our revolutionary XCELL PRP kits are precise and easy to use. Using the latest technology, they have been designed to generate a PRP concentration up to 9x baseline and 7.5 billion platelets per 6.5ML dose.

Clinics and veterinarians no longer have to choose between price and quality results. Based on independent lab results, XCELL PRP produces higher concentrations than many other popular and costly systems.

Our 60ML kits have the flexibility to produce as little as 1ML of extremely concentrated PRP or up to 8ML of a highly-concentrated PRP sample loaded with cytokines, proteins, and growth factors for optimal healing support.

This system has a specialized device that helps shorten total processing time and reduces human error in the processing steps to maximize platelet concentration numbers.

XCELL Bone Marrow Concentrating Kits


Our XCELL Bone Marrow Concentrating (BMC) system is uniquely designed to maximize mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) concentrations and provide a fast and efficient solution to accommodate all treatment applications for autologous stem cells. Prepare a variety of BMC volumes with high concentrations of hematopoietic and MSC with one kit. RegenVET also offers bone marrow aspiration supplies which include: Jamshidi needles, bone marrow filters, and Heparin vials.

XCELL Protein Concentrating Kits


RegenVET provides protein concentrating kits that can produce Alpha-2-macroglobulin (A2M). A2M injection therapy uses scientific techniques and natural healing methods to successfully treat osteoarthritis at its source. Our protein concentration kits can produce a highly-concentrated injectate of A2M and also provide a highly-concentrated PRP solution. These are the newest biologic treatments in our regenerative armament for management of arthritic and degenerative conditions.



Our kits use the Eppendorf 5702 centrifuge which has a compact design and allows them to fit on any lab bench or work station. They are very quiet while in operation. The soft brake functionality allows for slow acceleration and braking and the electronic imbalance detection provides maximum safety.


  • Scale

  • (2) Stainless Steel Buckets

  • Counter Balance

We also recommend using our patented benchtop processing station (BPS). You can easily capture the buffy coat and control the volume and type of PRP solution desired. Unlike other systems on the market, XCELL PRP uses a convenient push method to allow for a highly-concentrated PRP solution. This device was designed for busy practices who process PRP regularly to accurately obtain reproducible results consistently.

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