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RegenVET is a complete resource for regenerative medicine, providing veterinarians with specialized training, comprehensive business services, and premier supplies to improve their clinics and enhance the lives of the animals they treat.



Applications and uses for regenerative medicine are rapidly growing and evolving. Strides are made almost daily. RegenVET’s research and development team is continuously testing the newest products and developments in the industry to meet the demands of veterinarians and the needs of their patients.

Our concentration systems offer the best processing techniques and technologies to maximize patient outcomes. All of our systems have been developed to create a highly-concentrated injectate of stem cells, exosomes, platelets, and/or growth factors.

Our processing systems components have been designed to fit together to streamline the workflow and save you and your team valuable time.

Applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Acute Injuries

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Pain Conditions

  • Chronic Tendon Problems

  • Damaged Tissue & Joints

  • Post-surgical Pain Control

  • Enhanced Post-surgical Healing



RegenVET is committed to meeting customers’ requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its products and services.

RegenVET strongly encourages veterinarians to use these products for treatment applications that are supported by studies and research.

We encourage clinics to manage customers' expectations by laying out realistic recovery durations and encouraging proper pet care, nutrition, restriction of activity, or introduction to physical therapy when appropriate. For more information about the safety and quality of our products, please email us at:

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